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Submission Guidelines for the 17th Annual Economics Teaching Conference

All proposals for sessions are reviewed by the Board of the National Economics Teaching Association (NETA)—not Cengage.
NETA invites proposals that demonstrate innovative pedagogy, new technology or other ways to improve economic education at the undergraduate and high school (AP) level. The focus of this conference is on “doing,” rather than “reporting.” A great way to get an idea for what we are looking for is to examine the program from previous conferences. The program for last year’s conference can be found at www.cengage.com/events/economics-teaching-conference-2020/ 
Conference sessions last 45 minutes, and presenters will have the entire session. Proposals should make it clear how the time will be used, what the goals of the session will be and how it will help attendees become more effective educators. Presentations will be delivered through Zoom, and Cengage will provide pre-conference technical checks and Zoom support during the conference. 

Some ideas include:

  • New approaches to teaching a particular economic concept, including controversial topics.
  • Transitioning from online to in-person teaching - what methods do we plan to keep?
  • Teaching students to do economic research (e.g., how to find, analyze and interpret data)
  • How to make our classrooms more inclusive and equitable.
  • Classroom games, simulations and experiments.
  • Innovative student assignments invloving creative writing, guest speckers, interviews or field trips.
  • Assessment, grading, extra credit and academic integrity.
  • Using media (news or social media), popular culture (e.g., film, television or video games) and literature in the classroom.

Submissions must include:

  • A description of about 250 words explaining the presentation, including ways in which the conference participants will benefit from attending the session.
  • Contact information for all presenters.
  • A short, 2-3 sentence description or overview of the session for the program.

There are TWO deadlines for submission. The first is Friday, July 30. Submissions received by this deadline will be given priority for selection. The last date any proposal can be submitted is Friday, August 27.

Please send submissions to: [email protected]

*If your submission is accepted, you are committing to register for and attend the conference. 

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