SAM Smart Start Checklist

Resources to Get Started with Confidence

Set Up and Personalize Your Course

  • Fill out this Course Setup form to contact your Digital Success team member for help setting up your course
  • Review on-demand video training and documentation on our Training Resources website
  • Contact your Cengage Sales Representative if you have any questions about customizing your course

Get Tips and Training

Design Your Syllabus to Set Students Up for Success

  • Check out our Digital Tips webpage for ideas and recommendations on going digital
  • Include a description of SAM in your syllabus and why it was adopted
  • Review our Tips for Creating a Powerful Digital Syllabus for additional best practice tips, including information on how to get your students set up with affordable Cengage Unlimited registration options

Get Students Ready for the First Day of Class

  • Share the Start Strong webpage with your students. They'll find Quick Start Guides and fun 2-minute videos demonstrating how to register and get started in SAM
  • Make sure your students know about their purchase options; talk to your students about Cengage Unlimited, so they can make the most cost-effective decisions when purchasing materials
  • Contact your Cengage Representative to set up a virtual or live Start Strong presentation where a registration expert will walk your students through the registration process

Get Support

Have a question? Contact our friendly customer support team: